What's new for Ann Kimbrough -- author of fun, adventuresome middle-grade books

- TEXT ME MYSTERY series has just been launched with two Sherlock Holmes adventures! I'm mashing up classic short stories with modern day smarts! The mysteries are epic and the sleuths are cocky and clever! 
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- MAX MOONEY MESSES UP historical fiction series! The illustrator is working on Book 2 in the Max Mooney series! So excited! Max Mooney Messes Up Again: I Broke Lincoln's Train will be released in November. Check out the whole series about a boy who keeps crossing paths with Abraham Lincoln.
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Adventure. Wow.
My middle-grade novels are for clever, yet reluctant readers, who want entertainment that's as fast-paced as their favorite tv show, as thrilling as a blockbuster movie and as easy to read as a text message!