What's new for Ann Kimbrough -- author of fun, adventuresome middle-grade books

- MAX MOONEY MESSES UP historical fiction series! The illustrator is delivering his work this month for Book 2 in the Max Mooney series! So excited! Max Mooney Messes Up Again: I Broke Lincoln's Train will be released in November. Check out the whole series about a boy who keeps crossing paths with Abraham Lincoln.
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- A NEW MIDDLE-GRADE MYSTERY BOOK SERIES is coming soon! I'm mashing up classic short stories with modern day smarts! The mysteries are epic and the sleuths are cocky and clever! SIGN-UP and be the first to know about the series, with a 

Adventure. Wow.
My middle-grade novels are for clever, yet reluctant readers, who want entertainment that's as fast-paced as their favorite tv show, as thrilling as a blockbuster movie and as easy to read as a text message!